Meet the new Bond, Same as the old Bond. . .

| January 30, 2007

The Penis is Evil…

| January 30, 2007

Following up from my earlier post about the SF Film Marathon.I read a post by fellow hamster Marie on her Blog about one of my favorite bad movies, the epic of pretentious hippie psychedelica, Zardoz. Seeing her visceral reaction to this movie made me think about this film, and why I find it so interesting. […]

Not Just Google

| January 29, 2007

If you’ve never used anything but Google to search the internet, you need to read this article.

The Obligatory Pet Pictures

| January 28, 2007

The Evil One My wife was nagging me that I don’t put enough of my personal life on my blog, and that I don’t have enough pictures. So here’s the obligatory pet pictures for 1/2 the non-human portion of the household. The evil one is Panzer, a black cat with the mass of a small […]

"I have this cool idea. If you could just help me write it…"

| January 27, 2007

I just read an über-cool short story at Helix, “Rod Rapid and His Electric Chair” by John Barnes. It is truly scary (and funny) on a number of different levels, including a very nice twist of the knife at the end. What’s very cool to me is the fact that the central plot device— forcing […]

Science + Politics = Crap

| January 26, 2007

Ok, I just heard the phrase “debate on global warming/climate change” one too many times. You have three guesses on exactly what pisses me off about that phrase. If you want a hint about what’s ticking me off, I’ll quote myself from my ScienceReligion post: “Science is observable fact. Period. End of sentence.” The only […]

Cajun Sushi Hamsters who Blog

| January 25, 2007

Sort of a companion to the earlier post Other SF Authors Who Blog; here’s a short list (probably incomplete) of blogs from current and former members of my writer’s workshop, the Cajun Sushi Hamsters From Hell. Tobias S. Buckell Ellen Klages Geoff Landis Demented Michelle Maureen F. McHugh Catherynne M. Valente Marie Vibbert If my […]

The nature of bad SF movies

| January 24, 2007

I was just at the CWRU SF Marathon (an annual event here in Cleveland, if you’re in the area, consider going, it’s like a live version of MST3K) and a couple of recent examples of cinematic SF cheese made me wonder exactly what might be wrong with some modern SF. Aeon Flux & The Chronicles […]

I’m Back. . .

| January 24, 2007

And actually moderating comments. Sorry about that I just recently had a number of issues that took me away from my Blog, the prime one of which being a car accident back in October. I’m fine, but the Ford F150 I was driving was totaled— apparently, the frame was not supposed to bend that way. […]