The Second Life Economy

| September 25, 2006

Western civilization is dealing with a crisis over intellectual property. The fact that any digital medium can be easily copied with perfect fidelity ties our legal system into knots, leading some, like Cory Doctorow to call for the outright abolition of Copyright law. However, DMCA et al is a harbinger of what is likely to […]

Other SF Authors Who Blog

| September 25, 2006

Anyone who’s reading this will probably be interested in other SF writers who blog. Very cool list from the SF Signal blog.

Off The Pink!

| September 20, 2006

Ok, I decided “S Andrew Swann’s Blog” was kind of generic. So I changed the title of my blog to something more apt to pique curiosity. If you’re reading this, and your curiosity is piqued, I’ll direct you to my Moreau series of novels… (Ok, if you’re lazy: “Off the Pink” is a political rallying […]

Science <> Religion

| September 19, 2006

Jose, over at Meme Therapy just quizzed me for one of their “Brain Parades”. One of the questions he asked me, and subsequent browsing of the site, ignited a pet peeve of mine: WOULD EVERYONE STOP TREATING SCIENCE AND RELIGION LIKE THE SAME THING?!? “No, Mr. Swann,” you say, “I don’t treat science like religion, […]