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Welcome to the on-line home of S. Andrew Swann. Here you will find my blog, my bibliography with links to all my novels from Forests of the Night (1993) to Dragon•Wizard (2016), and a page of excerpts and other writings for you to peruse.



Well, I got a chance to see the first two episodes of the new Star Trek and here are my thoughts: If you obsess about canon, this series will trigger you hard. There is no way you can sensibly integrate this into the same universe as TOS without serious mental violence so my suggestion is …

Latest Good News

It seems there’s a very good chance I’ll be doing a new game with Choice of Games.  Looks like it will be more of a fantasy outing this time. Watch this space for more news as I have it.


Me and Truffles

S. Andrew Swann is the pen name of Steven Swiniarski. He’s married and lives in the Greater Cleveland area where he has lived all of his adult life. He has a background in mechanical engineering and— besides writing— works as a Database Manager for one of the largest private child services agencies in the Cleveland area. He has published over 25 novels since 1993. He has just recently completed the Dragon* series for DAW books, the first of which, Dragon•Princess, came out May 2014. The second, Dragon•Thief, appeared in April 2015. The final volume, Dragon•Wizard, arrived in March 2016.